Currently Running Puzzles

May 21, 2018:

A new week, and a new beginning, with an easy puzzle on Monday:



The Sunday Puzzle – a Numoku-esque variation – is a light and fun thing to try on the weekend:



The  Saturday’s Hard Numoku Puzzle this week has a twist in it. The sum’s aren’t 30 (why should they always be?), and so a few usual tricks won’t work:



The Saturday’s classic puzzle will give a good shake up to your mental faculties on the weekend. All you need to do is try to solve it entirely in the head:



The Weekend Puzzle this week is another four-in-one multi-puzzle variation, and a fairly tough one. Think you can figure it out?



A new puzzle for this Friday. Can be quite easy if you get the trick:



The Thursday’s Numoku Puzzle, although a ‘medium’, leans more towards ‘hard’:



The Thursday’s puzzle too is a bit trickier than the usual ‘medium’ puzzles. Can you think it through?



This week’s AtoZ Puzzle is not too hard, provided you don’t make yourself dizzy looking at it:



The Wednesday’s Puzzle is a good test for your logical thinking as well as factorization skills:



The Tuesday’s Numoku puzzle is an easy one – perfect for the beginners before they advance to the medium or hard versions of this puzzle:



The Tuesday’s regular puzzle is harder than it looks. How will you figure out your first clue (without guesswork or trial-and error!)?



The new week begins with an easy puzzle for Monday:







The smallest number that, when its last digit is moved to the first place, becomes four times its original value is 102,564 (410,256 = 4 x 102,564).

What is the smallest number that, when its last digit is moved to the first place, becomes double its original value?


Can you guess the next number in the series:

5  8  12  18  24  30  36  42  52  60  68  78  84  90  100  … ?


For the Harry Potter fans: You are watching the first Harry Potter movie. Harry has ticket for Platform 9 3/4. There is a column, right in the middle of Platforms 9 and 10, and you see Harry and the other kids running straight into the center of the column to get to Platform 9 3/4.

What is probably wrong with this scene?



Send your solutions by comment, by email to, or via tweets tagged to @1to9puzzle.


All these puzzles are logical and can be solved purely by reasoning, without any need for guesswork or trial-and-error. I quite often post the step-by-step reasoning along with the solution on Twitter.

For solutions and for more puzzles follow me on Twitter @1to9puzzle


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